AR #91 - Q&A on Health, Beauty, Relationships, Business, Life Coaching, Divine Guidance & more

Awaken Radio Podcast show

Summary: I am super excited to be doing my first ever Q&A episode on the podcast today! This episode is full to the brim with tools, tips, practices and guidance on a whole range of different topics including health, beauty, business, life coaching, receiving divine guidance & more. In this episode, I answer your questions on: + My top health tips and what motivates me to stay healthy. + My favourite evening routine. + My beauty regime and favourite skincare products. + Being single, how to move through loneliness and how to activate sensuality and femininity when you're not in a relationship. + Calling in healthy, safe relationships and how I manifested my current partner. + How to release expectations and attachments in a relationship. + How to maintain your self-love and self-care practices while being in a relationship. + Where I completed my Life Coach training, how I got my first client and how many sessions I coach in a week. + How I built my business and transitioned out of my day job. + My tips for getting started building an online business. + How to trust divine timing when you want to give up and what to do if your dreams aren't manifesting. + What it means to be an empath/HSP and how to protect your energy. + How to move through times when you feel stuck or weighed down by your healing process. + How to access divine guidance and how I receive messages from my spirit guides. + My process for making intuitive decisions. + And more! Full Post & Show Notes: Join Slow Down & Tune In (Doors close this Sunday!): Connect With Me: Instagram: Facebook: Website: If you love Awaken Radio, be sure to subscribe and leave the show a rating and review on iTunes, as this will help it reach and support more people. Thanks for tuning in! Connie x