What are Disruptive Innovation Platforms?

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Summary: For today’s show we welcome Brett Winton, ARK’s Director of Research, to discuss his recent white paper titled Disruptive Innovation – Why Now? The main idea of the paper explores innovation today and how the convergence of five major innovation platforms compares to other innovation periods in our history. Brett details the five technologies that we have identified as transformative signposts today. To unpack just how exciting and unprecedented this is, we look at comparable innovation platforms, their criteria, and impact on our economy. We explore the importance of technologies evolving simultaneously and the exponential nature of stacked innovation platforms. Lastly, we discuss how innovation could impact investing and the different growth industries. Key Points From This Episode: The primary idea behind Brett’s paper and what it tries to explain The stack of five technologies that we see coming to bear impact on the world now Background on Brett’s methodology The somewhat surprising inclusion of energy storage on the list Gauging the possible economic impact of these five technologies What this means for investors looking to buy into these markets Why investing in these technologies is not as straightforward as it might appear Thoughts on the possible growth of the number of major, disruptive technologies   Tweetables: “What’s happening today is that there is a stacking of meaningful technologies, the likes of which we haven’t seen.” — @wintonARK [0:02:28] “You have to go back to the early 1900s to find an episode where you had several really meaningful technologies all coinciding to the degree that they have now.” — @wintonARK [0:03:06]