Bisexual Threesomes with Molly-Margaret Johnson

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Summary: Pick a third, any third! Tune in for this friendly search term with resident threesome expert, Molly-Margaret Johnson! She shares tips and tricks for threesome newbies along with evolving porn tastes and the power of an emotional climax. Everybody’s welcome :) Trinity: Part 3: Be sure to rate Girls on Porn 5-stars on Apple Podcast! Leave your favorite search term OR your porn star name in the review for a chance to have it read on-air. Follow Us on Social Media: Show: @girlsonprn Laura: @ramadei Rachel: @_rrratchet Molly Margaret: @whatswrongwithmollymargaret Show Credits: Producer: Amanda C Theme by Eli Janney Podcast Art by Erin Dreis Mixed and Edited by Mike Comite