Perky Perky Coffee and Empowering Girls through Entrepreneurship

Raising a Powerful Girl show

Summary: oday on the podcast we are joined by Maruxa Murphy. <br><br>Maruxa is the Founder of Perky Perky Coffee, coffee with a mission to invite women to step into their power from the first cup of the day and onward. As a mom of 3 girls ages 10, 5 and 4, Maruxa knows first-hand the incredible need to have “me-time” and finds that her morning ritual of meditation, great coffee, and journaling are life savers in the midst of running her company, raising her girls while championing other women entrepreneurs’ possibilities through her newly founded media company, Female{Powered}. She calls this her Daily Momcation. <br><br>Outside of her family, Maruxa has 3 major loves in life: Coffee, Conversation, and Community. Every detail of Perky Perky holds the intention of bringing these 3 loves together through great coffee, powerful conversations and meet-ups both virtually and in person! One of the most recent accomplishments she’s had was to create a Perky Perky kitchen-space designed as part of the brand experience in partnership with the Princeton Venture Hub in Connecticut to bring more in-person conversations together around the coffee cup and delicious Perky Perky coffee. Todays podcast we explore the power of entrepreneurship for girls, how it empowers them and how it can cultivate a powerful family bond while assisting them on their journey. Maruxa also shares some incredible resources to help get you started!