Ep 36: We Don't Want It

The Nonprofit Experience show

Summary: What exactly does it take to successfully address a topic like offshore drilling? It takes collective effort with collaboration across the aisle and a movement in tune with the communities values. In this special episode of The Nonprofit Experience we hear the diverse groups united in the fight to ban offshore drilling. This episode include audio recorded live from the Don't Drill SC rally in Charleston, SC on August 5th where we hear from community leaders like two mayors of small coastal towns, the head-of-state to the Gullah/Geechee nation Queen Quet, and SC state senator Chip Campsen. We also hear North America Chief Policy Officer of environmental group Oceana, Jackie Savitz and South Carolina U.S. House Representative Joe Cunningham sit down to talk about the big picture and the importance of the bipartisan effort on this issue. View bios, an episode summary, topic-based timestamps, and images on our show notes: https://pj.news.chass.ncsu.edu/2019/09/11/ep-36-we-dont-want-it/