Episode #083: Dragonflies On Radar?

The WeatherJazz® Podcast show

Summary: <p>My wife and I were curiously watching an unusual mass of something on NEXRAD Doppler radar this morning edging in from the southwest. Whatever it was seemed to be moving with the gentle southwest winds that brought us our 15th 90°F day of the year in Cleveland, Ohio.</p> <p>Then I received an even more curious call from a young lady in Euclid who witness thousands and thousands of dragonflies throughout the air. I called a friend who works at the National Weather Service to let him know that what we were seeing on radar today may have been, at least in part, dragonflies!</p> <p>It may have been warm today, but the fall foliage is starting to show a hint of what's coming next month. Check out the photos I posted on WeatherJazz.com for this episode.</p>