Transforming Lives with Erin Starks

Who Lives Like This?! show

Summary: Strap on your seatbelts! You're in for a real ride with today's guest, Erin Starks. Her bio alone will leave you shaking your head in wonder, so wait until you hear all that she shares with us! As an educator, health advocate and mother of six children, Erin has spent more than a decade advocating for the rights of children and young adults with disabilities and their families. She has worked with fellow educators, families and students in underserved communities throughout Atlanta and South Los Angeles. Her work is anchored in the belief that all children deserve the right to access valuable resources that enhance their learning in inclusive, diverse learning communities. She's leveraged her experience as the mother of a sixteen year old daughter, Kamiyah, who was born with a rare form of dwarfism, to continue her advocacy work for special education students through elementary school and beyond.  In addition to her work in the classroom, Erin is the Founder and Director of OHMGirls Yoga, an inclusive yoga community devoted to helping teens cultivate resilience, through mindfulness, movement, and meaningful community. She’s also the Founder and Co-Owner of Miya Organics, a wellness company with a mission to develop products that have a positive environmental impact. In January 2020, Miya Organics will be launching a pilot program that provides work-based training to young adults with special needs who have a desire to learn the art of candle making and enhance their independent living skills, while creating products that add value to the lives of others.