Crumb TV Audio - Stop Beating your kids #CorporalPunishment is wrong (#GetSnatched)

The SNATCHED Podcast by Crumb Snatcher show

Summary: The official word is Corporal Punishment. By definition it stems from slavery [and transcends into schools]. Energy is in everything. What kind of energy put into children will imprint on them - literally. Not only are the whoopings vestiges of slavery but they cause our children to be mean and pathological liars to avoid the parents wrath..<br><br>The SNATCHED Podcast is a “Black” Consciousness podcast highlighting the content from the media re-evaluator Crumb Snatcher. The use of the word ‘Black’ in reference to people is used a commonly understood term to describe people of some level of African and/or Afro-Indigenous descent. Warning - Trigger Warning. You WILL disagree with the Crumb Snatcher!! The Crumb Snatcher is a parody conscious-thought personality that mixes actual facts with humor and shock-antics to demonstrate the absurdity in American and world culture. Crumb Snatcher is a politically incorrect, thought provoking, anti-organized religion, angry yet introspective poor righteous teacher. Join his antics in conscious thought and new reality. Get SNATCHED!!! <br>Contacts:<br><a href=""></a><br><a href=""></a><br><a href=""></a> <br><a href=""></a> @Crumb_Snatcher_<br>Cash App: $CrumbTV<br><a href=""></a> <br><a href=""></a><br><br>DISCLAIMER * The views expressed on this recording are solely the host(s) or guest views and DO NOT reflect the views of Positive Vibes Inc., nor its staff, owners, vendors, or affiliates unless explicitly stated.<br><br>Occult, Esoteric, Poor Righteous Teacher, 5 Percenter, Master Student, Decoded, Conscious Community, Crumb Snatcher, Crumb TV, Research, Gnostic, Anti Hero, Candid, Ugly Truth, Stay Woke, Wake Up, Afrocentric, Black Power, Melanin, Revolutionary, Run Away Slave, Black Leader, Maverick, Tin Foil Hat, Conspiracy Theory, Free Speech, Pro Black Rhetoric, Freedom Fighter