What's EMDR Therapy? Dr. Cassidy Freitas Explains

Mommies Tell All show

Summary: On this week's episode of "Mommies Tell All" Jade and Carly discuss the similarities between Brooks & Emmy, how Jade is adjusting to life with two little ones and dealing with Brooks' gas pain issues. Plus, the girls are joined by EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) Therapy Dr. Cassidy Freitas. Follow Jade on Instagram: @JadeLizRoper  Follow Carly on Instagram: @CarlyWad  Follow Reviver Jewelry: @ReviverJewlery Visit Reviver Jewelry's Website Listen to Carly’s Album “Dream Train” Thanks to our sponsors: Skura Style (Promo Code: MOMMIES) mybillie.com/mommies Care.com/MOMMIES (Promo code: MOMMIES)