Get Your Head out of Your Ass

Rebel Meddlers In Your Face show

Summary: I’m so sick of takin’ it we’re gonna make a stand today. OOOOOH Yeah! Oh yes you are! On this episode of In Your Face 01-23-2018 crazy train stops at Def Leopard and Journey concert, Teams for the Super Bowl, and Congress not wanting to pay our Troops.<br><br>Today Rebel has opinions flying, but will she leave you hanging? How did the morning start? Concerts we are going to cover for you. Nothing convenient about convenient charges. Let’s verify that price. The demon interrupts. Acting an Ass in public. Where is Bon Jovi going to be playing? This House is not for Sale Tour. Rebel has a rant about congress not wanting to pay or military troops. Insurance rant. What a racket. Wake up America. Sick and Tired of the crap.