[AxeTruth.com] Bill Maher attempts to check the Turbinator Squadzillas

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Summary: Bill Maher answered my call to "Who's going to check them boo" these squadzillas in congress so he Bill Maher finally speaks out with TRUTH & REASON on this BDS movement. Bill Maher rails against anti-Israel boycott movement: "A bullshit purity test" for Democrats .... The Squadzillas are running the democratic party because they are WOC you can't critique them especially if your white... If you do then you're a racist... that's the standard they whole against Pres Trump, so it rolls back on their side when Bill Maher (white man) speaks out... then Ghetto Rashida says they should boycott his show.... Fight Fight Fight on the Democrat Plantation they have their own internal civil war going on & the Identity Politic Monster is their FRANKENSTEIN .... THE CHICKENS ARE COMING HOME TO ROOST. AxeTruth was live on DLive, Periscope, Facebook, and Vaughn Live. In the event that his channel(s) or social media account(s) are terminated, Axel's website is constantly updated at AxeTruth.com!