Episode-2494- 10 Low Carb Meals and How to Make Them

The Survival Podcast show

Summary: Today I want to talk to you about low carb living and low carb dieting, and how the two are different things.  The recipes today are really mostly for a low carb diet.  I personally define diet here in the sense of a transitive verb, ie, what you do when you want to lose weight or improve your health.  When we move to low carb living, we then use diet as a noun, meaning simply the food you eat every day. The problem we have in America is diet is generally only used to describe what we do to lose weight.  During this time we restrict what we eat.  This is done many ways but chiefly among the mainstream it is the restriction of calories.  Other diets restrict say certain macro nutrients, such as carbohydrates or fat.  Some entire classifications of foods, such as a vegan diet, vegetarian diet or say a paleo diet.  Note Paleo ends up being low carb most of the time, but low carb isn’t the specific goal. Regardless of what the TV tells you when it comes to weight loss, the results are in and nothing works like any diet that significantly restricts carbohydrates.  The argument always comes down to this against such diets.  “Sure you lose weight on them but when you stop doing them you gain the weight back”.  Really well, what effing diet is there that doesn’t work the same way? This is where it falls apart, once people lose weight and or improve their health they go back to diet as a noun, “the food you eat every day” and do so with no real restriction.  Again this is where it all falls apart as even if you begin by just loosening up a bit of restriction, then you stop tracking things, then you are eating the very food that caused your issues in the first place.  This often happens to people who are sure they are not “breaking the rules” yet they are doing so in spades.  Today along with “Phase One” level intervention meals, I will talk about Phase Two meals that continue with weight loss and then how to transition into a life long quality diet with a very moderate carbohydrate volume. Join Me Today to Discuss… What is low carb according to “The Protein Power Plan” Phase One – 7-10 Grams of Carbs per meal, plus an optional snack – (21-40 grams a day) Phase Two – 50 Grams of Carbs a day, divided evenly Phase Three – 75-130 Grams a day, no more than 30-35 per meal, better to keep it around 25 The things you need to actually keep this working A scale like this one – Salter Electric Scale A cheat sheet of all things you tend to cook with Discipline to measure and count EVERYTHING The main reason people fail, they don’t count everything or count inaccurately Another reason people fail, cheat days and how to do them right Net carbs the truth and the net carb scam Watch out for zero calorie sweeteners and yes beware of alcohol Per meal is as important as per day limits 10 Meals that Fit Phase One and You Won’t Mind Eating – First Five are In this PDF Cabbage wrapped Sardines with Hemp Seed and Avocado Blackened Fish With Roasted Fennel and Vegetables Jacks Breakfast Sausage and Eggs Moroccan Lamb with Vegetables Pork with Shallots, Apple and Jicama Salmon Nocoise – 3.2 Carbs – Jamie Oliver’s 5 Ingredient Cookbook – p19 – (recipe) Harissa Chicken – 8.1- Jamie Oliver’s 5 Ingredient Cookbook – Carbs p107 – (video) Smoky Chorizo Salmon – 3.6 Carbs- Jamie Oliver’s 5 Ingredient Cookbook – p125 – (video) (recipe) Seared Sesame Tuna – 4.2 Carbs – Jamie Oliver’s 5 Ingredient Cookbook – p135 – (video) (recipe) Beef Pepper Stew – 6.2 Carbs – Jamie Oliver’s 5 Ingredient Cookbook – p195 – (recipe) Yea this is a big time survival topic #1 Cause of death in the US is “heart disease” #5 Cause of death in the US is stroke #7 Cause of death in the US is is diabetes #9 [...]