Fixing #Fatherhood Part 2 (#DadsMatter) with @DanTresOmi, @uppitynegro_cmajeflat7, and @Crumb_Snatcher_ (#TheFlyGuysPodcast)

The Fly Guys Podcast show

Summary: Fixing Fatherhood Part 2 - #DadsLife - Four of The Fly Fathers (@Crumb_Snatcher, @DanTresOmi, @Prof_devoce7, &amp; @DjSekoVarner) chat about fixing #Fatherhood. Along the way we go nicely into an argue-discussion on where we go from here to positively address fatherhood. <br><br>Our Fly Guys Folk Collective includes The Star of the show, Starr Armstrong of the Conveying Culture podcast, Ms. Black Girl Magic herself - Queenie The Curator, The Crumb Snatcher from the Snatched podcast, Cuz'n Sam from @SamsCorner2018, Eddye the Uppity Negro from @uppitynegro_cmajeflat7, #DjSekoVarner from the Chicago Stepping Urban Ballroom podcast, and #DanTresOmi from the Where My Killa Tape podcast! <br><br>Starr Armstrong's podcast, Conveying Culture, is a collection of Thought provoking conversations that convey various aspects of our culture from an intellectual, informative and entertaining perspective. #TheConveyingCulturePodcast <br><br>Crumb Snatcher is a character...truly a character.... The CRUMB SNATCHER is a politically incorrect, thought-provoking, angry yet introspective poor righteous teacher. Join his antics in conscious thought and new reality. Get SNATCHED!!! The Crumb Snatcher is a parody conscious-thought character that mixes actual facts with humor and shock-antics to demonstrate the absurdity in American culture. The SNATCHED Podcast is profane, politically incorrect, politically insensitive, anti-organized religion, and is not safe for children or safe for work. Please listen responsibly. #TheSnatchedPodcast . Contact the Crumb Snatcher <a href=""></a> or on his YouTube channel: <a href=""></a> . Be advised and be prepared. Crumb Snatcher is NOT politically correct. <br><br>Dan Tres Omi is Somewhat an Underwear model, Afro Latino B-boy, host of #WhereMyKillaTapeAt, Pro-Feminist, Hip Hop Diplomat, writer, and Capoeirista. If you want to book him for panel discussions, lectures, workshops, and hosting: email <a href=""></a> and type "Bookings" on the subject line Also if you want to ask for advice use email addy: <a href=""></a> and type "Advice" on the subject line. On the twitters: @dantresomi @omispodcast. <br><br>The Fly Guy Podcast is Practical Consciousness for the Black Conscious Community and OUR Conscious allies. Featuring #DjSekoVarner) with a host of special guests, our podcast gives you stuff you need to know with an underlying focus on Melaninated Economics and politics. Join us as we discuss Uplift, Conscious Consumerism, Business activity, Social progress, and Community activism with fellow investors, educators, business people, authors, content creators, and community activists. # 4yearsoffocus. As well, Seko shares content derived from the various community events that he supports, or attends. Seko Varner does NOT agree with some of the points made by the guests. If you want to book Seko for panel discussions, lectures, workshops, and hosting: email <a href=""></a> and type "Bookings" on the subject line. Seko can be found in cyber-social spaces @SekoVarner &amp; @DjSekoVarner. Background Music by Grandpa Crunk (@GrandpaCrunk).