&U$$y Power - #Copulin #Vagina #Yoni - Crumb TV Audio from #CrumbTV ( @CrumbTV1 ) ( #GetSNATCHED )

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Summary: Pu$$y Power - #Copulin #Vagina #Yoni - Crumb TV Audio from #CrumbTV ( @CrumbTV1 ) ( #GetSNATCHED ) <br>Crumb goes into the science of the mind controlling vaginal fluid called Copulin. Copulins are chemicals secreted by a female's vagina. Research since the mid to late 90 s has proven that copulins can affect and even control a male's brain. They have been shown to increase testosterone levels in men by 150% (Astrid Jutte study). This increase in testosterone may cause feelings of arousal in men if a woman is present. It is said that once a man smells copulins on a woman she is deemed to be more attractive.<br>