Crumb vs The #Mormons - Crumb TV Audio from #CrumbTV ( @CrumbTV1 ) ( #GetSNATCHED )

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Summary: Crumb vs The #Mormons - Crumb TV Audio from #CrumbTV ( @CrumbTV1 ) ( #GetSNATCHED ) <br>3 Mormons knock on Crumb's door &amp; after 15 minutes with Crumb, they run. Polygamous "marriages" were conducted in secret by Joseph Smith as early as 1833/35 (even though the sealing power wasn't restored until 1836 &amp; D&amp;C 132 outlining the rules of polygamy was not given until 1843) &amp; by a few select members beginning in 1843. Latter-day Saints believe the president of their church speaks for God, a belief that comes with a lot of implications when church policies change. It leaves the faithful to wonder, did God change his mind or did the leaders get it wrong? <br><br>