Choosing Recovery Above All: Taking Back the Life That Addiction Stole - with Leo Martinez

The Courage to Change: A Recovery Podcast show

Summary: We are so very excited to introduce one of our amazing Lionrock Clinical Supervisors as our esteemed guest for Episode 16! Leo Martinez has 7 years experience working as a Substance Abuse Counselor and Social Worker working with very diverse populations. He has delivered counseling services internationally with specializations in Gorski Relapse Prevention, CBT, Dual Disorders, ACT, and Multicultural Interventions. Leo earned a Masters in Social Work from California State University, East Bay, and a CADAAC Certificate in Addiction Counseling. Leo's story of taking back everything that addiction stole from him is nothing short of amazing. Tune in as Leo discusses some very difficult topics including substance abuse, sexual assault and the gut-wrenching effects of extreme trauma. **Our Sponsor:** Lionrock Recovery ( **Follow us here:** Podcast Website: ( Facebook: ( Twitter: ( Instagram: ( Questions, comments or feedback? We want to hear from you! Email us at