Episode 3 - Juan Baptista Dos Santos

Skeletor's Mouthpiece show

Summary: Episode 3 is now available to stream/download via Podomatic. Skeletor's Mouthpiece - Episode 3: Juan Baptista Dos Santos Or you can subscribe through I-Tunes - I-Tunes: Skeletor's Mouthpiece Topics covered this week include: Feet Of Clay Lady Gaga Scratcher's Lovely Voice More Foreskin Wayne Rooney Hair Transplants Film Pitch Surgery Moles Tracing Ballbag Job Seekers Allowance And finally, the star of the show..... Juan Baptista Dos Santos Also, here is the video evidence of Roberts' Rainbow based plaguerism: Thank you. And a special thanks to Juan Baptista Dos Santos, just for being you. Follow us on Twitter ~ @SkeletorsPiece Email us on ~ skeletorsmouthpiece@gmail.com