Episode 8 - Gynoid: Nazi Sex Dolls (Operation Shitty Tramp Pockets)

Skeletor's Mouthpiece show

Summary: Episode 8 is now available to download or stream via Podomatic. An almost special guest episode featuring Dan's (for the first time ever) very quiet better half - Skeletor's Mouthpiece: Episode 8 - Gynoid: Nazi Sex Dolls It's also available on Itunes Itunes: Skeletor's Mouthpiece This weeks rambles cover: Vlad the Impailer Nazi Sex Enginutiy Operation "Shitty Tramp Pockets" Old School Contraception Sperm Donation Film/T.V Lies The Holy Grail Other Sexy Relics Syphillis at War Syphilitic Benefits Other Podomatic Podcasts Ewok Sex Toys More Facebook Bitterness And other such oral detritus......... Thanks for listening and supporting two fools. Sadly I couldn't find any pictures of the Gynoid, but I think this illustrates the point nicely: Also, while I was searching "Nazi Sex Doll" on Google and waiting for the government to kick down my front door, I came across this tome of  amazingness:   You can buy this from Amazon HERE....Enjoy! You can read the Gynoid article for yourself here: TIME Newsfeed And once again our good old reliable listener, Ross, came up with the goods and has sent us this video from Episode 10, Season 2 of Deadliest Warrior in which they demonstrate Mr. The Impaler's preferred impaling technique. My favourite part is the bit where the Sun Tzu enthusiast surmises that impaling is the work of "an emotional man". Follow us on Twitter ~ @skeletorspiece Email us on ~ skeletorsmouthpiece@gmail.com