Episode 10 - The Gay and The Girl (Part II)

Skeletor's Mouthpiece show

Summary: Episode 10 is available to download/stream via Podomatic. The conclusion of our time spent with Susan and Elliot Skeletor's Mouthpiece Episode 10 - The Gay and The Girl (Part II)  You can also subscribe to the Mouthpiece on Itunes Itunes: Skeletor's Mouthpiece Roberts' attempts to stay quiet fail and Scratcher runs out of energy as the foursome discuss: Roberts' Pronunciation Name Confusion & Nicknames Things To Do When Rich Meeting People Just Like You Voices & Mannerisms Thailand Thai Bride Taxi Man Balcony Jerking Professional Masturbation Advice Outdoor Wanks The Slippery Porn Slope Thai Red Bull The Night of Misadventures More Grindr Action The Unified Rape Theory And everything in-between....... Thanks for sticking with us,or if you're new, welcome to Castle Podskull. Enjoy To level the Karmic balance of the world, here's a little video of the protagonist from Susan's Grindr story: Sweet moves man, sweet moves. Make sure you take a gander at Susan and Elliot's respective blogs: http://www.speedqueenie.com/ And... http://theresapointintheresomewhere.wordpress.com/ You can follow them both on Twitter: @speedqueenie and @elliot_jr Follow us on Twitter: @skeletorspiece Email us on: Skeletorsmouthpiece@gmail.com