Episode 12 - Headlines: Part 2 ~Erection Productivity

Skeletor's Mouthpiece show

Summary: Episode 12 is now available to stream/download via Podomatic. It's the final instalment of 'Headlines!' the game in which our guest, Luke Mcfiddles, is forced to decide which piece of Roberts or Scratchers top notch, Pulitzer prize winning journalism will make it into his newspaper. Don't worry, it's all imaginary. We're not allowed near real newspapers. Skeletor's Mouthpiece Episode 12 - Headlines: Part 2 ~ Erection Productivity Be all up to date and subscribe using Itunes, yeah. Itunes: Skeletor's Mouthpiece As the competition heats up Scratcher and Roberts Pitch: Speedcunts Tramp Toucher Arachnophilia Jizz Test Luke then makes the toughest decision of his life, who will make the front page and who will be sleeping underneath it? After the dust has settled and the rightful winner has emerged victorious the trio go on to discuss: The Worlds Longest Sentence Vocal Euthanasia Rumfest Ron Jeremy New School Porn 'Stars' Gauging Porn Intelligence Roberts' Reputation Peeping Tom Giraffe Molestation Techniques Naked Ice Skating And plenty more besides............... Thanks for spending your time listening to our rambling toss, keep coming back. Here's a picture of Ron Jeremy & his rum, sadly without a knob shaped bottle: Yep, that guys gets paid to do sex. Here's a still from the T.V advert: Ok, maybe not. As promised, here's the video of Roberts' adventures with the 'wibbly hand man': LLLLLLLLLLLLIKE A GLOVE!!!!!! You can check out the brazillian Wandering Spider article here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brazilian_wandering_spider And here's the reason why we don't recommend Giraffe bothering: You can follow Luke on Twitter: @L_Mcfayden Follow us on Twitter: @SkeletorsPiece Email us on: Skeletorsmouthpiece@gmail.com Thanks Again. This will be our last podcast for a short time, while we build a new 'studio' as we have had to move on from Adams bedroom at Ma's. It will be missed. On the plus side the new one wont be held together with quite so much jizz.............maybe. We'll be back, stronger than ever, very soon...and with sweet new intro music. Keep sending us those emails, we're going to need them!