The FCC's Past, Present, and Future

More than Seven Dirty Words show

Summary: The FCC is always adapting to new technology, and that was highlighted when the agency recently celebrated its 85th birthday. Exhibits in the Commission meeting room showed everything from a 1928 AM radio (that still works) to a 5G smartphone, spanning nearly 100 years of technology development. But as the old saying goes, "nothing is new." And it's often helpful to look back on some of the topics that dominated the FCC's attention in past decades, as they can inform its present and future. And who better to look back on the history of the FCC than Dale Hatfield, an FCC legend, former chief of the Office of Engineering and Technology, and, currently, a member of the FCC's Technological Advisory Council and a professor at the University of Colorado at Boulder in the technology, cybersecurity, and policy department. Note: This podcast was recorded on June 21st. (Disclaimer)