MITB Recap Show 2017 Controversy Sells

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Summary: The 2017 MITB is now over and first ever women's MITB went down. How did it end? <br><br>Show Notes 06/22/17 <br>Open Show <br><br>MITB Recap<br>-Carmella wins Women’s MITB briefcase \ Ellsworth grabs the briefcase<br>-The New Day def The Usos(Champs) \ New Day wins by count-out <br>-Naomi (Champ) def Lana \ Retains Womens Title <br>-Fashion Vice (ode to Fuji Vice) <br>- Maria and Mike Bennett debut at MITB<br>-The Legends were out in St Louis <br>-Jinder Mahal (Champ) def Randy Orton \ Retains WWE Title <br>-Baron Corbin Wins MITB <br><br>RAW Recap<br>-Roman Reigns declares himself #1 Contender, Samoan Checks Joe<br>-The Hardy Boyz def Anderson and Gallows <br>-Elias Sampson song gets interrupted by Finn Balor <br>-Finn Balor def Bo Dallas <br>-<br>Wrestling Birthdays <br>Wrestling News <br>-Daniel Bryan talks possible in ring return \ Why this could be terrible. <br>-Pat Kenney, Shane Helms and Al Snow leaving Impact Wrestling all were producers <br>-People are really questioning whether ROH is the #2 Company in USA<br>-Vince Russo files an order of protection against Jim Cornette<br>-<br>SmackDown Recap <br><br>Follow on Twitter <br>@RingTimePodcast <br>@Kholtjr <br>@ReallyNoKesh<br><br><a href="" rel="noopener"></a> <br><a href="" rel="noopener"></a><br><br>Audible Audiobooks Free 30 Day Trial <br><a href="" rel="noopener"></a>