Episode #16 - Mitchell Goldstein

Mocha Latte show

Summary: Mitchell Goldstein is a friend of ours who has a great story and maybe even a greater voice. Mitchell has career in the world of medical marijuana as he currently works at a local dispensary. We get into his journey with marijuana, both legal and illegal, and how that’s shaped his journey. We also get into the confrontation where Dave asked Mitchell to step away from serving with the volunteer youth ministry staff a few years back. And in case you were interested, we had issues AGAIN with our attempt at video podcasting…so, sorry. 00:20 - Live & Under the Weather 02:20 - Mitchell Intro 03:20 - Canada 07:57 - Orioles vs Yankees 12:02 - Class of 2009 17:27 - Dave’s “Ah huh” Moment 19:20 - Mitchell’s Job 22:00 - Journey with Marijuana 25:47 - Medical Use 32:40 - Illegitimate to Legitimate 37:23 - Mitchell & Student Ministries 41:25 - Dave’s Regrets? 49:18 - What About Now? 53:50 - Dante’s Take on Reconciliation