Dare to Change Your Life with Carole Kanchier

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Summary: Join us for a special one hour live interview with Carole Kanchier, PhD. Carole is Registered Psychologist, Educator, Author/Columnist Carole Kanchier informs, inspires and challenges you at any stage in your life to be all you can be! Her mission is to provide expert knowledge and services to help individuals and organizations understand change and empower themselves to manage the various changes occurring within and around them. To adapt and triunph in our dynamic world, we must learn new attitudes, skills and patterns of coping. We must reassess our views of success and career advancement, and strengthen Quester traits such purpose, intuition, resilience and authenticity. We are born with Quester qualities and can develop courage, confidence, knowledge and strategies to control our lives, if we desire. Carole continually search for new and better ways to help people achieve more meaningful, satisfying and productive lives. A visionary, she has a reputation for being at the leading edge of personal, career and employee develpment strategies. Carole has pioneered a unique, holistic developmental model of lifelong learning, growth and decision making. With over 25 years of demonstrated success in the career, empowerment, learning, development and business fields, Carole is uniquely qualified to write and speak about empowerment and transitions. Carole has researched life and career transitions, write about change, counsel individuals experiencing transitions and conduct workshops. She has worked as a high school guidance department head, university professor, consulting psychologist, counselor, publicist and other. Most important, she walks the talk. Her lectures include University of California, Berkeley and Santa Cruz, and the University of Alberta. Carole was a visiting fellow at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, Palo Alto, am an invited speaker at diverse conferences, and am quoted in varied publications.