Thoughts by Prescription Ep. 2⎪Stupid Consults, Phrasing Questions in Your Favor & Celebrating Wins in Healthcare

Medicine ReMixed show

Summary: In this episode, Dee and Reesh talk about:  Some of the all time stupid consults we’ve gotten or heard about in the hospital  The tribalism of medical specialities  The culture of defensive medicine that suffocates doctors from being more well-rounded physicians When keeping it real goes right for medical students choosing a medical specialty The right way to phrase a questions when you want people to do sh*t for you  Celebrating wins in Healthcare and so much more…  ** This episode contains original production from our very own K.T. with permission from the Artist.   Help keep Medicine ReMixed alive by becoming a listener supporter for $.99, $4.99 or $9.99 per month! Visit to learn more!  Find Medicine ReMixed on Social Media:   MRx Facebook MRx Instagram MRx Twitter