Encore Episode: Finding Your Financial Footing Over 50

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Summary: Life sometimes takes us down an unpredictable path. Find your financial footing once your primary earning years have passed.Millions of people in their 50s and 60s find themselves facing job and financial insecurity. Financial wellness can be defined as the amount that makes you feel grounded and content. You have to find a textured and meaningful life on a modest income. As you age, you may not be considered for jobs that pay as much as the last job you left. Consider taking a freelance position or two in order to generate income. Short consultancies, subletting rooms in your home and driving for a ride share service are options. Things beyond your control may have landed you in your current financial state. You can learn from past mistakes, but the economic state of the country doesn’t boost your savings. Listen as Elizabeth White joins Melanie Cole, MS, to share how to find your financial footing over 50.