Episode-2438- Walking to Freedom and or Escaping the Rat Race

The Survival Podcast show

Summary: Long ago I coined the term, “walking to freedom” to explain the concept of movement within a republic.  Some of the sates that seem the most oppressive such as California, New York and Illinois are east to “escape from”.  This isn’t like the days of the Soviet Block in Europe.  There is no Berlin Wall keeping you inside a shit hole like New Jersey. (and hey I was born there, I get to call it what I want)  All it takes is some planning, a U-Haul Truck and a new destination. Today we are going to discuss the concept of walking to freedom that way and another way as well.  Consider my property, where I live I can pretty much do anything I want.  I have built 3 sheds since coming here and done two major remodels on parts our our house.  Permit?  We don’t need no stinking permits!  Seriously where I live they don’t even exist.  Once or twice a year I have anywhere from 25-75 people camping on my property for 5 days.  Drinking, hanging at campfires, etc.  No one cares, if they did care, it wouldn’t matter they have zero recourse!  It is about as free as you can live with regard to do as you wish with your own property in our country. Thing is I don’t live in the sticks.  On an off traffic time I can be in downtown Fort Worth in 20 minutes, 30 with traffic.  And that is on a road with a lot of stop lights!  Guys I am literally by road only 13 miles from Fort Worth down town and I can do anything I want.  Yet two miles away in a town called “Lakeside” with a population of just about 1300, they don’t have HOAs because the towns cops are like a government HOA.  One guy actually got a ticket for parking his car on his OWN LAWN.  The point is freedom might be a few states away, a single state away, a few counties away or even just across the street. The key is while liberty is universal it means something different to everyone.  To some it is having chickens in your back yard, for others it is not having chickens that make noise next door.  Now I don’t understand the second type of person but they have as much right to find a place to their liking as I do.  That is why we are so blessed that to be blunt this nation is so freaking big and so diverse from a cultural and a climate angle both.  What you want you can find in the US, the key is before you even start looking, you must define exactly what that is. Join Me Today to Discuss… Do you want to move, if so why, make sure you really do What exactly is freedom, more importantly what is it to you Making your liberty checklist Understanding the concept of a tax foot print The basic types of property we can consider Urban/Suburban Neighborhoods Planned communities Truly rural property Full on farm land Very remote land The urban rural fringe What things are important to you beyond the property itself Neighbors Church Community Culture Shopping Medical Facilities Schools Job Options Family Needs and Wants Making the move Use your checklist Visit and really learn the place Shop and shop and shop, on and offline Be prepared to walk away from any deal There is no such thing as an offer that is too low If it sucks yes, you can “go home again” Thinks that expand your options Building on raw land, it ain’t always easy though Own a business or work remote Being patient Looking closer to where you are now Cash buyer or heavy on cash equity Being willing to rough it, at least at first No this isn’t for everyone, some questions to ask How can I have more of what I want, where I am at Might I just need to move a few miles, perhaps 20ish, driving won’t kill you Do you need to get things more in order before doing this It comes back to what you really want, but your dash is shrinking, don’t wait forever Final Thoughts   Resources for today’s show… Follow Life With Jack on Instagram TSP Facebook Group Join the Members Brigade Join Our Forum Walking To F[...]