Heather Barnes Jackson: "The Expression of Grief Being Praise"

Who Lives Like This?! show

Summary: In today's podcast, we had the great pleasure of talking with Heather Barnes Jackson, the co-founder and CEO of the Realm of Caring Foundation (RoC), an internationally acclaimed non-profit primarily serving families who are dealing with life-limiting and chronic health conditions and are using cannabinoid therapy. The foundation serves over 55,000 families and 1500 Health Care Professionals from all over the world through their care center that speaks 5 languages and fields over 7000 inquiries monthly. They reach over 1 million people a month through their efforts and awareness. RoC is doing innovative and first of its kind research with Johns Hopkins University, collaborating on the largest registry in the US. They use this research to deliver revolutionary education to the community.  RoC has distributed over $350,000 in grants to families in need. They also have aided in over twenty states adding cannabis legislation since 2014. Heather talked a bit about how she started Realm of Caring and how it grew over 10,000% since 2013. She's also a published researcher, an author and a speaker who has presented in 7 countries. Today she shared with us her passion for community, social entrepreneurship and "disrupting the status quo." We got tips on how to turn off social media and take care of yourself, and she wowed us with an intense discussion of her most recent obsession -- suffering and grief and praise.