Select Soul Show - Thursday April 11th (10th Anniversary Special)

Select Soul Show show

Summary: 10th Anniversary Special Hour One LaKisha Jones - Memories (Fade Away) [So Glad I'm Me] Carmen Liana (Ft. Carl "Chip" Days Jr.) - It's Yours [Who I Am] Root Soul Ft. Leon King - My Dream Came True [Root Soul] Gary Beals - Excuse Me [The Rebirth Of...] Makeda - I Wish [Escape from Egypt] 76 Degrees West Band Ft. Gordon Chambers - Can't Keep Runnin' [76 Degrees West] Brian Temba & Sharlene Hector - Where This Is Going [Something Better] Charlie Wilson - There Goes My Baby [Uncle Charlie] Yomi - Why Oh Why [From Me To You] Ben Dowling - Starting Over [World Rising] Tamika Nicole - Get It Right [The Art of Letting Go] Tonya Dyson - Find My Way Tina Davis - Falling in Love Again [Falling in Love Again] Christie Andrews - Smile [No Place Like Home] Hour Two Reggie Hines - I Love The Way [Live Your Life] Antoinette Manganas - Special [Verbal Crush] King Ellis - It's All About You [Timeless Vol. 1] Andree Belle - When You're Away [M.U.S.I.C.] Bria Valente - Something U Already Know [Elixer] Brian Courtney Wilson - Just Love [Just Love] J. Michelle - So Beautiful [Lovespace] Danielle Haynes - I Want To Be Close [Love's Never Lost] Sunlightsquare - Giving Me Love [Urban Latin Soul] Melanie Covington - Back Into Me [Believe In Me] DJ Unwind (Ft.  Mateo) - My Sunshine Wil Key - That's What I Mean (I Jus Wanna Run Wit U) [Satisfy My Soul] Lisa Shaw - Better Days [Free] Soulpersona Ft. Kia Bennett - So Natural [Soulacoaster]