Episode #067: Breathtaking Sunsets

The WeatherJazz® Podcast show

Summary: <p>What does the atmosphere have to do in order to create a stunning, jaw-dropping sunset with its array of rich colors? Let's talk about that on tonight's episode of WeatherJazz®. I made reference to my television forecast from tonight that we had the initial ingredients necessary for one of these sunsets. At first, it looked like the exiting cloud deck was going to be too thick. Then everything came together and the skies lit up.</p> <p>The images I took from the back parking lot of FOX 8 in Cleveland between 8:03 p.m. and 8:08 p.m. are available for viewing on my web site, <a href="http://www.weatherjazz.com">WeatherJazz.com</a></p>