An Informative Conversation with a Fraud Fighting Veteran -Interview with Kevin Lee

The Online Fraudcast with Brett Johnson & Karisse Hendrick show

Summary: This week's episode is a little different than most. This week, Brett &amp; Karisse talk to Kevin Lee, fraud fighting veteran and former fraud leader at Google, Square and Facebook. -and current Trust and safety Architect at Sift Technologies. They discuss a lot of important topics such as:<br>-The various threats and issues that Kevin faced in his career at 3 of the biggest companies in the world<br>-The best career advice he has from his experience, and the best advice he's been given (from a pretty famous source)<br>-Why fraud fighting is now evolving in to "Trust &amp; Safety", and the mindset and advantages within your company that that transition provides<br>-Advice on how to engage senior leadership, especially when they don't understand the importance of fraud prevention and Trust &amp; Safety<br>-The reasons he moved from a merchant role to a vendor role and some of the benefits and lessons he's learned from that transition<br><br>It's a FULL episode with one of the smartest and well accomplished fraud fighters Karisse and Brett have had the pleasure of knowing, with so many "nuggets" of wisdom and information. <br><br>Want to be connected with Kevin Lee on LinkedIn?  <a href=""></a><br><br>**Subscribe to Online FraudCast to be alerted when a new episode is out! Don't forget to rate &amp; review the podcast where you can, and to tell your fellow fraud-fighting friends. <br><br>**Brett &amp; Karisse will be doing a live recording of "Online FraudCast May 22 in San Francisco at the 2019 CNP Expo at the Marriott Marquis. Come join them! You can purchase an all-access pass for 20% off at We hope to see you there!<br><br><br><br><br><br>Learn more about your ad choices. Visit <a href=""></a>