Current Events in Fraud: Fraud Issues for Consumers + Julian Assange

The Online Fraudcast with Brett Johnson & Karisse Hendrick show

Summary: It seems like recently there have been more stories in the headlines about fraud and cybercrime. On top of that, Karisse is wondering if she's bad luck for her friends and family, who have become recent victims of fraud. She shares some of these situations to educate listeners on recent scams against consumers, and Brett gives exceptional advice on what should be done to protect yourself from further fraud, whether you have been the victim of fraud already or not. Then, Brett talks about Julian Assange. -How, when and why they met recently and provides a former cyber-criminal's perspective on Assange's actions and lack of remorse. The final recent headline discussed is the recent reports that Chipotle's mobile app has been hit with ATOs due to credential stuffing. Karisse gives her thoughts on how to prevent being in the headlines for this fraud tactic that is hitting almost every online & mobile company with virtual accounts, and how to score points with your customers by gaining their trust in the meantime.  One correction from the episode; The website Brett mentions to register online with the US Social Security Administration is actually: Online FraudCast will be live at CNP Expo 2019! Join us May 22 in San Francisco for CNP Expo and to see our first live recording! Use promo code OF20 to receive 20% off an all-access registration pass Learn more about your ad choices. Visit