INVIGORATING MOON: Lunar Forecast with Susan Lipshutz (April 5 - May 4)

MoonWise show

Summary: A lunar forecast for April 5 - May 4, 2019 by Susan Lipshutz featuring tips and practices for working with the energies of the month. "We are Earth and we flower too.” - Susan Lipshutz This moon cycle it's a time for new beginnings as we move into a dance of fire and earth with Aries. We have the opportunity to be more strategic in the way we use our power and embody our vision. In this episode of #moonwisepodcast, Susan Lipshutz talks about purposeful inquiry that helps us launch new projects with courageous action. She reminds us to be thoughtful about our light and dark aspects and be aware of how our self impacts our relationships. She says, “when we hit the breaking point, that’s when change can happen.” It’s a time to birth ourselves from an old form. This process of self discovery reignites our life this month. She reminds us to ground to the beat of our core and “honor the movement that you want to express.” Susan offers some practices to support during this month as well as a series of questions for deeper inquiry. Tune in to hear about this action-oriented month filled with the life-force energy of spring.