Your #MINDSET supersedes your Skill Set - Live at #theSANKOFAnetwork

The Fly Guys Podcast show

Summary: Reneldo Reynold says "Your MINDSET supersedes your skill set." during the April 2018 edition of The SANKOFA Network event in Virginia Beach, Virginia. This event, produced by DJ Seko Varner and other members of The SANKOFA team, is a network event bringing educators, business-folk, politicians, community and religious leaders, activists, and WOKE FOLK. Learn more about The SANKOFA Network here: <a href=""></a> . In this edition, The Bridge Builder Reneldo Reynolds, the motivator Kelslison, and the incomparable Jazmine "GoFundMe is not insurance" Smith speak on the concept of having a proactive MINDSET.<br>QUICK....Tell' ya' neighbor......Get your mind right!!!