(Bill) Pill Cosby, Kayne Left (West), & Mental Health - The #FlyGuysPodcast

The Fly Guys Podcast show

Summary: Trigger, Profanity, and Political Incorrectness alert.<br><br>The #FlyGuysPodcast featuring the progressive @DanTresOmi , the Spiritual @SamsCorner2018 , and the Conscious-Conservative-Christian @GrandpaCrunk discuss their concept of Pill (Bill) Cosby, Kayne Left (West), and the need for Mental Health support based solely upon their respective experiences. <br><br>@DanTresOmi has a great socially progressive podcast:<br>Instagram: @DanTresOmi<br>Twitter: @DanTresOmi<br><a href="https://soundcloud.com/dantresomi">https://soundcloud.com/dantresomi</a><br><br>Sam can be found on InstaGram:<br>@SamsCorner2018 <br><br>@GrandpaCrunk is an educator, a consultant, and an entertainer. He hosts the #FlyGuysPodcast along with other podcasts on his Positive Vibes Inc. podcast platform via SPREAKER. <br>#DjSekoVarner can be found here:<br>Instagram: @GrandpaCrunk<br>Twitter: @GrandpaCrunk