Raised by my Single Daddy boasts @Starr__Armstrong in 2014 - The #FlyGuysPodcast with #DjSekoVarner

The Fly Guys Podcast show

Summary: Starr Armstrong (Clever Speaks) discusses being raised primarily by father and her annual Black Fathers tribute during a 2014 interview with @GrandpaCrunk and DJ Polo Shawty (<a href="http://www.YAPRadio.com">www.YAPRadio.com</a>) for an episode of Daddyman Radio/Golden Fold radio. Golden Fold Radio was part of Gamma Xi's initiatives toward meetings the fraternity's mandated program which involves RAISING AWARENESS of involved Fatherhood, forming PARTNERSHIPS with community and businesses to promote involved fatherhood, being involved in ADVOCACY to assist involved Fatherhood, and hosting events to CELEBRATE involved Fatherhood.<br><br>Starr can be found here:<br><a href="https://www.youtube.com/user/cleverspeaks">https://www.youtube.com/user/cleverspeaks</a> <br><br>@GrandpaCrunk is an educator, a consultant, and an entertainer. He hosts the #FlyGuysPodcast along with other podcasts on his Positive Vibes Inc. podcast platform via SPREAKER. #DjSekoVarner can be found here: Instagram: @GrandpaCrunk Twitter: @GrandpaCrunk