Better off with ME - Life as a single Dad - Paul Brinson 2014 on The #FlyGuysPodcast

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Summary: #SingleFather #Salute to Paul Brinson who says that his sons would have been better off in his custody, and later he wins custody. From a 2014 episode of Daddyman Radio with financial service provider and former Hip-Hop emcee Paul Brinson (S.O.B.) <a href=""></a> tells a story of how Paul ran the streets as emcee S.O.B. (Son Of Brinson) and raised his son primarily as a single parent for over 20 years. Now a HAPPILY professional and married man, Paul is a father to his children and a father-figure to many youth in his community. <br><br>Daddyman Radio/Golden Fold Radio was part of a community Fatherhood Initiative of the Gamma Xi Chapter of Omega Psi Phi. Golden Fold radio is hosted by Omega men DJ Seko (<a href=""></a> and DJ Polo-Shawty (<a href=""></a>). Golden Fold Radio aired on <a href=""></a> which was owned by DJ Polo-Shawty.Golden Fold Radio was part of Gamma Xi's initiatives toward meetings the fraternity's mandated program which involves RAISING AWARENESS of involved Fatherhood, forming PARTNERSHIPS with community and businesses to promote involved fatherhood, being involved in ADVOCACY to assist involved Fatherhood, and hosting events to CELEBRATE involved Fatherhood.