Single moms do it wrong (Mothers Please) 2014 with Rev. Bobby Huntley on The #FlyGuysPodcast

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Summary: A Father's Day Throwback from 2015's #DaddyManRadio where #DjSekoVarner interviews author Bobby Ray Huntley. Single mothers do it wrong (Mothers Please) - Raised by a single mother, author Rev. Bobby Huntley says "A Woman Can Not Teach A Boy How To Become A Man !" during this 10th episode of Daddyman Radio. Rev. Bobby Huntley, author of "Mothers Please...A self-help book written for single mothers raising their son(s). A must book for every mother to read !" discusses a messy divorce he caused, healing his broken family, his new wife benefiting from his new walk as a believer, man, and father, and strategies that fathers can use to heal rifts and to be the fathers that their children need. Bobby also shares a few lessons, which are included in his book, which teach mothers how to raise sons rather instead of raising inmates.