I had two women pregnant at the same time - Dr Hayes in 2014 on Fatherhood (The #FlyGuysPodcast)

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Summary: From #DjSekoVarner's former YouTube show DaddyMan Radio in 2014 - Daddyman Radio Episode 4 with guest Rev. Dr. Mark J. Hayes. Community Pastor, community organizer, leader of the Men and Women on the Mainline Ministry, and an active member of the National Fatherhood Initiative - Dr. Hayes discusses the need for involved responsible Fatherhood, strategies Fathers may utilize for improved interactions with their children, notes that there have been times when colorism has affected people of color, and how he Man-Up'ed and managed having two women pregnant at the same time. <a href="https://youtu.be/TB0uPpMqJy8?list=PLdg9ffPVKoBw53x_RqUc0zO4V9gVGXaKl">https://youtu.be/TB0uPpMqJy8?list=PLdg9ffPVKoBw53x_RqUc0zO4V9gVGXaKl</a>