Stepping Out for Mr. Morton's 80th Birthday - DJ Seko Varner

Chicago Steppers Urban Ballroom Podcast show

Summary: A short Steppers Set while awaiting the birthday boy.<br>London Jones - I Lust 4 You<br>K Jon - Tell You Why<br>Earth, Wind, and Fire with Grandpa Crunk - Would You Mind (GCRUNK Steppers Mix)<br>Julie Huff - Who's Gonna Hold Me Now<br>Daniel Moore - Halfway Love<br>Christian Hornbos - Waiting at Potsdamer Chaussee<br>Felony - Gonna Be <br>Vivian Green - Anything Out There<br>Guordan Banks - Keep You in Mind<br>Phil Perry - Spirit Of Love<br>After 7 - I Want You (Edit Main)<br>Grandpa Crunk featuring Jashsaun Peele &amp; TheDonaldHurdle - Falling in love again (Stepper's Mix)<br>Javi Lopez - Taste Of Soul <br>JERMAINE JACKSON - DON'T TAKE IT PERSONAL<br>Keni Burke - Risin' To The Top<br>Levert - Casanova<br>Dial Tone - Creepin RMX<br>Slique Jay Adams - Birthday Slide<br>Michael Jackson - You Rock My World<br>Mario - Let Me Love You