#ChicagoStyleStepping Stepping Pre-Prom 2017 - #DjSekoVarner

Chicago Steppers Urban Ballroom Podcast show

Summary: DJ Seko warms up for the 2017 Green Run High School Prom with a smooth style steppers set and wurks' the shoes off of a couple venue staff members who happened to be from Chi Town.<br><br>PLAYLIST<br>Pete Blasco - I Ain't Doin It<br>Slippin Into The Darkness RMX<br>DJ Chillnite - Sundress (dougie Mix)<br>Give Me Your Love RMX<br>Cardell - Call On Him<br>Grandpa Crunk - Falling in Love Again (RK Mix) featuring Jashaun Peele &amp; TheDonaldHurdle<br>Ronnie B. - Booshi Love<br>Grandpa Crunk - One In A MIllion (Instrumental)