This is One you Need to Hear!

Rebel Meddlers In Your Face show

Summary: Probably not…. On this episode of In Your Face 10/24/2017 the crazy train stops at Rebel tells ya like it is!, I hope it OFFENDS you!, Halloween legend and traditions, and 10 Dick sucking commandments. <br>Take your seats NOT a knee! Get the Halloweenie juices flowing. Is anything going into the mouth? We have already established the crazy fact. Ya’ll know what month it is? Stall tactics. Priority. Nothing normal here. Beautiful outside. So many things we need to talk about. Jump into a time warp here with us. What happened to Rebel? You cant shut Rebel up. Aint that the shit people! Rebel tells ya like it is! I hope it OFFENDS you! Show respect. You don’t need this crap! What are you going to be for Halloween?