Didn't Expect That!

Rebel Meddlers In Your Face show

Summary: Placing bets I bet you do…. On this episode of In Your Face 11/07/2017 the crazy train stops at Halloween Candy wrappers that glow, Chips in bank cards, and Boycott the NFL on Veterans Day!<br>It’s 5 o’clock somewhere. Not enough time to explain. In Your Face. Rather be crazy than stupid. Rebel is a walking adult disclaimer. Don’t get your briefs in a bunch. It aint no big thing. Plan to do thing. It is easier to plan ahead then make plans at the last minute. Home Free Timeless World Tour. Rebel really likes the Home Free Band. Bit me bitches. Glow in the dark candy wrappers. Unexpected tears will fall. Pay attention to motorcycle riders. Free country my ass. Boycott the NFL on Veterans Day! Set up for failure. Always say so much. Little Major Breakdown.