Happy Thanksgiving!

Rebel Meddler's In Your Face show

Summary: I somehow doubt that expression….. On this episode of In Your Face 11/21/2017 the crazy train stops at Thanksgiving, Things to be thankful for, Kick off of the Crazy Family Season, and Shit that can happen when family gets together.<br>Take you seats people. It’s all good. Why did the chat room shrink? Shrinkage is not good. Glad everyone is doing good. The family experience. Turkey facts. Just what are we celebrating on Thanksgiving? Things to be thankful for. Where are you going with life? How the hell are you going to get there? Don’t close your eyes. First quarter of Crazy Family Season. Kick off time. How can you be on your best behavior if you hold a grudge? Damn you Katrina for fucking shit up! The 4 Quarters. It’s not always easy.