Not so Christmas, Christmas Show!

Rebel Meddlers In Your Face show

Summary: You will or you’ll end up on the naughty list…. On this episode of In Your Face 11/28/2017 the crazy train stops at Battle vs. War, Pipeman and Peanut visit, 1st Quarter, Food Reviews and Movie Reviews.<br>On Your Face? Open it and make it bigger? Rebel is using stall tactic. Wrong show for all that nastiness. Battle or war? How do you play the game? Public Service Announcement from Rebel. Pipeman throws off the game today. Big Brother is watching. Oh the song choices are really good! Listener requested songs being played today. You think Rebel wont do it well you are wrong. Not so Christmas Christmas Show. Rebel gives you the play by play on the 1st Quarter on the Crazy Family Game Season. Lee’s Diner review. Two movie reviews. The AMC in Hammond. Coco Movie review. Murder on the Orient Express review.