The IKEA Sleep Podcast | Catalogue 2019. Narrated by female, IKEA co-worker.

The IKEA Australia Podcast Series show

Summary: IKEA understands that sleep is important to living a better everyday life. As experts in life at home, we want to inspire Australians to create an ideal and healthy sleep environment so they can feel refreshed and recharged to get ready for the day ahead. We want to help you sleep well, so you can wake up and get ready for life. Throughout this podcast you’ll hear many names of IKEA furniture as we work through the IKEA catalogue, starting at the bedroom section and ending in the bathroom. So lay back, close your eyes and leave your day behind as we take you on a journey through the sounds of the IKEA catalogue for Australia, 2019. IKEA Sleep Podcast narrated by female, IKEA co-worker.