MOT 025 | Home Automation vs. Privacy

Makers on Tap show

Summary: Maker News [05:35] Tom’s Hardware article on the Raspberry Pi 4 [10:38] Hackaday article on a SMD resistor based strain gauge [15:42] Hackaday article on an auto grilled cheese robot [23:32] Aaron’s Open Source laser z axis gets featured on hackaday! Main Topic [32:38] Home Automation and it’s privacy concerns. Project Mentions TerrariumPI Home-Assistant OpenHab Credits  Intro music: “Organic to Synthetic” by Punch Deck. Check out his awesome work over on Spotify, Soundcloud, and Youtube. Feedback If you have any feedback, positive or negative, on the show, we want you to let us know! Head over to, or any of our social media pages and let us know what you think! reddit, facebook, instagram