Episode 104: Mikel (Dad) and Joe (21 Year Old Gay RM son)

Listen, Learn & Love Hosted by Richard Ostler show

Summary: Mikel tells the story of waking up one night and discovered his 16 year old son watching gay porn. If you are a parent, what would you do in that moment? If you were Joe, how would you feel knowing your Dad just found out this about you? Well, it is beautiful parental moment as Mikel and Wendy handled this situation with love which led to more family unity and understanding. Mikel and Joe share that experience as well as their family journey to come to terms with Joe being gay. Joe later come out to his entire early morning seminary class, served a mission and remains an active Latter-day Saint. Joe shares his journey as a gay Latter-day Saint, his strong relationship with Heavenly Father, feels no shame for being gay, and his hopes for the future. Joe is one of the most spiritually mature and gifted men I have met. I often feel that the LGBTQ people I meet are some of Heavenly Father’s most valiant pre-mortal spirits and Joe is one of those spirits. Please listen to the podcast to learn gain wonderful parental insights and how a family grew and became closer by having a gay son.