When the Future is Uncertain

Soul Care for the New Mom show

Summary: "When I think about the uncertainty of the future, several things come to mind. Our sweet friends who have just begun fostering and have already experienced the ups and downs of taking in kids and then watching them go. The moms I've reached out to on Instagram who have asked for prayer for their financial situation because money is tight. My friend with a two year old who has daily seizures and has doctors still trying to figure out the right medication to give and whether it could worsen as time goes on. And I also think of me as I'm getting ready to have my second baby. I have no idea of what our lives will look like with two kiddos under the age of two and there's several unknowns, like how my husband's work schedule may change around that time and whether I'll face the same battle with postpartum rage as I did before. Even questions like, will I still feel confident and able to make it out of the house every day, has me worried and nervous..." Press play to hear more. For more content and information, visit Soul Care for the New Mom. Follow Soul Care for the New Mom on Instagram.