When You're Caught in the Comparison Trap

Soul Care for the New Mom show

Summary: "I think it’s safe to say we all feel the temptation to compare. With social media constantly in our faces, we're taking in countless messages about what motherhood could look like or ought to look like and sometimes this has a way of highlighting our own failures, differences, and inadequacies. We see skinny, active, healthy moms and well-balanced, organized, have-it-all together moms and vulnerable, bold, authentic moms, and moms who are just killing it with their side hustles as they walk in their gifts and talents and pursue their dreams. Sometimes it can be so inspiring and motivating to see these moms at their best. We think to ourselves, 'maybe I can be that, too.' But then there are times when it’s discouraging, even deflating, because we know we are so far from where they are, where we wish we could be..." Press play to hear more. For more content and information, visit Soul Care for the New Mom. Follow Soul Care for the New Mom on Instagram.